Modern Ways of Prototyping

Even if in the history of cinematography models very skilled technicians were working by hand, modern times have generated alternative ways of building very detailed maquettes for movie sets. These are achieved with the help of the 3D software. They are built at first with the computer, in the virtual world, adjusted according to preference, […]

Maquette Builders

Maquettes are small scale models which illustrate in three dimensions a scale model of a model that is to appear in a movie. They can be filmed using special techniques, such as the Schüfftan Effect. It is mainly used to lower the budget of a movie and shot scenes in fantastic landscapes and imaginary buildings, […]

Computer Generated Imagery

Computer Generated Imagery, or simply CGI, is the ultimate invention of the modern era that directors and technicians in the movie industry use to produce appealing visual scenery. The visual scenes might be flat or static, but also dynamic. It is usually 3D, but it can also be in 2 dimensions, as in classic animation, […]

The Miniature Effect

Scale models are used to create the miniature effect motion pictures and television. They are usually combined with matte shots or high speed photography, in order to create a gravitational effect, which makes the scene more convincing and believable. The contemporary film industry uses the computer generated imagery directly to achieve this kind of result. […]

The Matte Effect

The Matte effect is the evolution of the Schüftan effect. It is used to combine one or more images into a single, final shot. It is mainly used to introduce the shots of the actors into fantastic or sci-fi background, such as spaceships, scenic vistas, planets or a field of stars. Unlike the Schüftan effect, […]

The Schüfftan Effect

Eugen Schüfftan was the inventor of the process now known with his name, the ancestor of the travelling matte and the bluescreen effect. It was used mainly in the first half of the 20th century, to create the illusion that the actor is on a stage with a fantastic background. The famous German cinematographer refined […]

Special Effects Make-up

Special effects make-up, prosthetic makeup or FX prosthesis are the tricks that make-up artists use to create the illusion of advanced cosmetic effects. These techniques involve sculpting, molding and casting, helping actors look like monsters, zombies, with advanced skin plagues or scars or even aliens. John Chambers, the makeup artist responsible for movies like Planet […]