As a cinematographer, you do not just watch movies but are a part of the movie albeit not as an actor. The cinematographer organises the shooting of the movie in terms of lighting and angle shots, and you should have a thorough theoretical and practical knowledge of the subject. You want to be in a creative, vibrant area like London and New York and the competition requires you top choose the University carefully. The first university to consider is UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television which specialises in directing, film and television writing, editing and cinematography.

shutterstock_227589325-1Be Guided on the Choices you Make

Knowledge is power and offer excellent information and guidance on places of study as well as being a tool for employers to advertise their jobs. You’ll find advice on which universities to choose if you want to become a cinematographer. Bande à Part is a Film School in Spain. Teachers have contact with the professional world and know precisely what film disciplines you require to get a good job in this field. A Master in Film Distribution and Marketing is available at Birmingham City University- Faculty of Performance, Media and English and spans all aspects of the film development cycle, allowing students to work on real film projects.

Become Practically Involved

The cinematographer knows lights and props like the back of their hand, and the fourth university that offers cinematography is the Boston University. It offers a Master of Fine Arts program in Cinema and Media Production where students finish the course in one calendar year, not two. The course is designed for experienced filmmakers looking to take their filmmaking to a new level. Columbia University School of the Arts is our 5th choice where students can be tutored by film legends and learn how to recognise new opportunities. Students will also be able to take part in the Columbia Undergraduate Film Productions and get involved in real-life projects around filmmaking.